Cyber security is hard and expensive: but with the right tools it’s manageable

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Cyber security is hard and expensive: but with the right tools it’s manageable

You need to assume that you will be hacked. But what then? David Belder, CIO of Verint Systems, describes the benefits of automated cyber security tools.

Protecting your information involves two steps. You need to use the right information security tools to reduce the amount of data a cyber attacker can get: tools such as Rights management and Data Loss Prevention. But you also need technology that enables you to detect a cyber attack as soon as possible so you can remediate rapidly. On average it takes 5 months to detect cyber attacks and 2 months to remediate – but automated information security tools can help you act earlier. And there is another advantage: the right tools mean that you can have more junior staff covering your data and systems 24/7.

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