Breakfast Briefings

How to fix the UK cyber skills gap

‘We need more talent for our security team’ If this refrain sounds familiar and you need help sourcing your cyber security workforce then you cannot afford to miss this breakfast briefing. There is a wide consensus in the community that the skills shortage is worsening, and if attention isn’t focused on bridging it then we risk handing victory over to those on the other side of the fence.

Cybercrime continues to grow; it cost the global economy more than $450 billion in 2016. On average companies face in excess of 200,000 security events on a single day. The people carrying out these attacks are becoming more organised and aggressive, while those defending against them struggle to grow their ranks – Why? We address what must happen to fix this growing problem.

Meeting this challenge isn’t simply a matter of increasing budgets or changing policies, rather it is about understanding what skills are in demand, prioritizing motivation and willingness to learn over degrees and career paths. Attending this briefing allows you to discuss and examine some of the specific strategies you can roll out to win the war for talent.

This briefing focuses on:

  • The power of your brand: learning from the hackers on how to make your brand standout
  • Tapping into star quality – finding the ‘rare gems’/passive candidates
  • Meeting candidate expectations: How candidate expectations are changing in 2017 & beyond
  • Holding onto the best: why retaining talent is crucial
  • Leveraging your networks
  • Upskilling and training
  • Filling the gaps fast: Increasing the speed to hire

Who is invited?

Anyone responsible for the recruitment of cyber security professionals at organisations of 1,000 employee or more from CISO’s and CIO’s to heads of HR & Recruitment.

Be part of this unique event to identify recruitment challenges in cyber security, set out the solutions, and create an effective plan that helps you resource your organisation against the latest threats.

Be one of 15 senior business professionals around the table at The Goring who bring their expertise to bear to analyse the present – and the future.

This breakfast meeting is brought to you by TEISS and is only for senior end users as mentioned above. Registrations of junior professionals, consultants, solution providers or other sellers to this market won’t be accepted.

For any enquiries, please contact Lace on 020 8349 6458 or email

This breakfast briefing is free of charge to attend, however if you cancel your attendance less than two weeks prior to the briefing, you will have to provide a replacement of equal seniority otherwise you will be a subject of £150 cancellation fee.